It’s All About That Trash

Small wonder Ottawa doesn’t have any real plan about what to do with trash when it can’t even properly coordinate the need for garbage cans in public places. That comes from Kanata resident Jill Nixon, who’s upset at the proliferation of garbage in her neck of the woods following the removal of trash cans in her neighbourhood. Nixon contacted On the City, From the Burbs after she noticed City garbage cans in public places being removed and not replaced. That followed garbage being tossed about. Just where does the City think the garbage will end up if there’s no where to put it?

“This is a basic service. There has been an increase of trash and litter throughout… parts of Kanata since the removal of the first receptacle at Kakulu and Barrow. Where do people deposit litter picked up on the roadway and our parks? They now have to bring it home and have it sit in their own garbage can for two weeks?

“I DON’T THINK SO! Is this the answer to the City’s failed waste plan? This City has already turned into a huge garbage dump and now you make it worse! Put back these receptacles. Whose stupid idea was this to remove (GARBAGE CANS)? Do you really think people will take their garbage home or stop dumping? This is going to result in more waste thrown on the roads, pathways, parks, etc.,” she wrote.

Nixon has been waging her own campaign about the proliferation of trash in her neighbourhood, contacting both the media and members of City Council. Her anger has met on mostly deaf ears.

“I find it absolutely appalling that the City would remove garbage receptacles along public streets and even parks!” she wrote to City Council. Of course, Council being Council, her harsh comments met on mainly deaf ears. No word from Environment Committee Chair David Chernushenko – whose green image has taken a beating over the past several months. The only one that appears to have replied is her own Ward Councillor Allan Hubley.

“Hello Ms. Nixon, We have confirmed the cans…are all in the process of being replaced or are part of the additional seasonal supply. I agree with you that it would be helpful if the replacement cans were installed at the same time but that isn’t always possible.”

Seriously. It would have been helpful? This City just doesn’t get it. People understand the low priority the City is placing on garbage.

“I have asked for the large drums to be installed in several locations where the smaller cans fill up quickly. Lids have been ordered for the drums as well. As mentioned earlier, there is also a number of seasonal cans being removed so please don’t be alarmed if you observe more cans being moved in the days and weeks ahead,” Hubley wrote, asking her not to be alarmed if she noticed more cans being removed.

Well, thankfully, Nixon is concerned. And she should be. This is the ultimate basic City service. But seems the City and politicians like Hubley are too busy with other more camera-ready plans to get their mugs out front and centre. Garbage is being tossed about the city and no one really cares. It’s shameful really. Thankfully there are residents like Nixon who do care. And she’s not buying anything Hubley is spewing.

“None of the cans that I mentioned in my first email were seasonal,” Nixon wrote. “Why does he continue to bring it up? Is he diverting the issue? He has not provided a timeline when the removed garbage cans will be replaced, as requested. Some were removed over a month ago! He has no idea what he is talking about! I am sure that once this all blows over, the cans will never be replaced! I am done emailing him as it is fruitless,” Nixon wrote.

Wish there were more residents as passionate as Nixon. Wish there were fewer councillors like Hubley, so willing to toss nonsensical responses to such caring residents.

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  1. We too have noticed that garbage cans have been removed from bus stops, parks and especially pathways in Kanata South.
    Cans were removed several years ago!
    No replacements yet .. still waiting.
    Lip service is no service!!

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