Doug Thompson Working Hard to Reclaim Osgoode


Having gone door-to-door with George Darouze to help him win the right to represent Osgoode ward in 2014, former Osgoode mayor and city councillor Doug Thompson is now poised to try to take the ward back.

“I’m not going to officially say yes, but yes, I’m very close to that, to saying yes that I’m going to do it,” Thompson told On the City, From the Burbs in a recent interview.

While Thompson can’t spend any money campaigning until he registers, which this year is May 1, the longtime politician has been on the meet-and-greet circuit.

“People are very supportive. I’ve been to more tea parties over the last three months than I can count. I can’t spend money, but you can talk to people. And residents are saying to me that if I want to run, they’re supportive,” he said. “I’ve been very encouraged by the response. I’m just taking some time, dropping into people’s homes, seven or eight a day and just talking to people.”

But how does Thompson explain his support of Darouze and then running against him?

“I just don’t think he’s a strong advocate for the rural areas. I don’t think he’s done the job. I thought he had more strengths, but the substance isn’t there. It’s really interesting, he’s starting to throw a few darts out there, he’s starting to blame me and others for issues in the ward. And the way he approaches things, he blocks people from Facebook and twitter,” Thompson told On the City, From the Burbs.
(Perhaps that’s a trick he learned from Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.)
“He’s a nice person, but I really don’t think he’s a good politician.
“I guess he’s a good salesman and he hoodwinked me.

There is one wrinkle in Thompson’s plans. He’s also being encouraged to consider running for the Tories in Carleton, should that nomination process be overturned. Thompson had entered the nomination race there, but dropped out when it was clear to him the system was rigged to elect Goldie Ghamari. Ghamari won, but there are still calls to overturn that decision and hold another nomination meeting.
(As a testament to his popularity in Osgoode, when he left the PC nomination race, the provincial Liberals tried to woo him to their side. Frankly, I wish he’d taken the bait. Would have served the Tories right.)

“Honestly, my mind is more focused on the city right now. If (the PCs) do decide they’re going to start the nomination process all over again, I’d have to take a look at it, but right now, I’m focusing on the next term of city council,” Thompson said.
“I just don’t think George is really a rural politician.”



  1. How on earth is Thompson an improvement? He has had his time, 31 years is enough for him. Wasn’t Thompson the one that put Darouze there in the first place? This shows lack of integrity of Thompson. Is Thompson going to pay back the severance package that he got for retiring? What about his OMERS pension? When you say that you are going to retire, RETIRE!!!

  2. Some People Don’t know when to Quit🤔😡 Start enjoying life Buddy✔️ I’m sure family are proud of you!!!😡😈

  3. I can’t speak specifically about Doug Thompson, but in my opinion, this is the problem with many of our councilors. They are councilors for life. They know nothing else. They have been in city government almost all of their adult life. Even if one were to concede that they are competent councilors (and I’m not willing to concede that), they don’t know how to do anything else. There is no pension upon retirement, so if they have not maxed out their RRSP’s, they won’t have much to live on.
    The voters by and large will continue to vote for incumbents based on name recognition if for no other reason.
    In the past few years, we’ve heard promises from several of the long-time councilors that they will not run again, or from newer ones promising that they will leave after 2 terms. Then, they reflect and realize that it’s a pretty good gig, and that no one else will pay them for their “abilities”.
    I would not be surprised if Mr Thompson didn’t fall into the same category.

  4. Doug should quit while ahead. I would not vote for him he was here way too long and gas the nerve to say George is not a good councilor. REALLY.

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