Let’s be clear, I hate wearing a mask.

But equally as clear, what I hate even more is wearing a mask to protect those around me, only to be surrounded by most others who clearly don’t care about me or anyone else around me.

And for the life of me, it’s impossible to understand why Mayor Jim Watson hasn’t moved on this issue sooner. Worse yet, Watson tweeted recently he was going to move a motion at the July 15 council meeting to make masks mandatory. That just doesn’t make any sense. Why wait two weeks? Given that the majority of residents don’t seem at all interested in wearing a mask – and let’s keep in mind that this has been going on for months – why would the mayor wait two weeks for a life-saving vote? It’s abundantly obvious that masks help stop the spread of the virus.

The whole issue has certainly made me COVID crazy. I was in a store today, sweating in my mask (it might have been at the LCBO!) and faithfully following the floor stickers indicating proper social distancing. And then a group of about five or six female 20-somethings came up less than a foot behind me. And yes, this COVID cranky 61-year-old mask wearing woman not-so-politely pointed out where they should be standing.

They don’t just have a fear in the world, and that of course, just makes me crankier! 

It was the same thing recently at both Barrhaven’s Loblaws and Sobeys. Very few masks to be found. And of course, it’s only the very few wearing a mask who bother to social distance. Shameful.

It’s just incomprehensible so many are walking around without a care in the world – and maskless. It’s even more difficult to understand why our local government hasn’t moved on this months ago.

But as our medical officer of health Dr. Vera Etches has repeated, the evidence showing masks prevent the spread of the virus, so don’t wait two weeks to don your mask. Take care of your friends, your family and your neighbours and wear the damn masks for goodness sake.

The parameters of wearing a mask are expected to be released Monday in a joint news conference by Etches and her counterparts from the four surrounding public health units in the Champlain region on Monday. 

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