And the Endorsement in College Ward Goes To….

Some endorsements are easier to write than others.
This one isn’t easy. And it’s not because I’m unsure of my pick. I am.

In College ward, there are three knowledgeable candidates running, one of them is incumbent Rick Chiarelli. His opponents would have you believe College ward residents are unhappy with the level of communication or lack thereof from Chiarelli. If that’s true, they’ll let him know at the ballot box.

Unfortunately for Emilie Coyle, she became a bit obsessed with that thought. I don’t see that as a substantial platform.
I want to hear what candidates are going to offer, not to simply bitch about their opponents. And as an aside, when I watch an all-candidates’ debate, can only believe how someone behaves at a candidates’ debate will reveal itself on the council floor. And Coyle was rude, feeling the need to interrupt and diss Chiarelli rather than offer up her own qualities.

I wouldn’t endorse a candidate based strictly on their behaviour in a debate but for me, the real choice in College ward is between Kennery and Chiarelli. I like them both.

I’ve been covering Chiarelli for years, and first met Kennery when he was working for Mayor Jim Watson.
He’d recently moved into the ward, planned to run and reached out to me. At that time, he didn’t have a platform and couldn’t or wouldn’t say where he saw Chiarelli failing – or how he would or could be better than Chiarelli. That’s not a criticism, those were early days.

Watson has recently called for voters to elect candidates who get along. Don’t need to read between the lines to understand our good mayor simply doesn’t like people opposing him. Chiarelli isn’t a trouble maker. Like many others on council, he gets along with most of his colleagues most of the time. The fact that he’s the funniest guy on council certainly isn’t a reason to vote for him, but he is damn funny!

And sadly, while I think Kennery could make a good councillor one day, he hasn’t proven – to me at least – that he’s got a platform strong enough to oust Chiarelli. And I fear he’ll side with the mayor more often than not, even if that sometimes means he has to suck up some of his own beliefs. It’s happened to countless other good councillors over the years.

If you want a strong effective council – and a representative who’s there to really represent you with his years of experience, for me – there’s just one choice and that’s Rick Chiarelli.


    1. I approve all posts unless they’re libellous or contain swear words. And I will approve this one, but let’s be clear, I’ve been in this business for decades and I would never trade an endorsement for one scoop or 100. I have no idea who you are, or whose side you’re on, and I have no interest in knowing. But I don’t write anything unless I believe it to be true and have done research. You should do the same.

    1. I don’t know if your aware, but Ms. Sherring has been writing for decades, as she stated, and her writing is opinions based on real experience and research. She is famous for thoughtful writing. After reading your blog “Craig M”, so called Mayoral candidate. All your posts are immature, opinionated, negative posts towards our Councillor, Rick Chiarelli. Where are all your FACTS? That’s right, there are none. So, instead of commenting negatively on a well written endorsement, by Ms. Sherring, go back to your website and gloat about your favourite for councillor, Emilie Coyle or Ryan Kennery. One would definitely waste our tax dollars on illegal refugees and spend like a drunken sailor and the other will be a Watson bobble head.

      In my OPINION, Chiarelli has done a phenomenal job in office, and has done continuous work with Algonquin College, our community parks, snow clearing, and FINISHING jobs that he begins!

      1. Thanks a lot, but the writer in question knows all about me, as I do about him. He’s not a likeable guy, and he doesn’t like Chiarelli so hence, he doesn’t like me. I tried to be nice, but now have no time for him.

  1. Great endorsement. Makes perfect sense. Councillor Chiarelli always speaks up for us. He’s done a lot and the others have done nothing… they are all talk. Seems to me like they are just big spending NDP’s ready to do whatever the mayor wants…

  2. Rick Chiarelli is an honest, hard working man. He has done so much. He always helps me with my problems. He’s the one you can trust to listen to voters and get the job done.

  3. If we don’t elect Rick, that means we would have a city council WITHOUT Rick Chiarelli. I don’t even want to imagine all the things Jim could get away with without Rick paying attention and questioning huge, unreasonable moves Jim tries to make – Christmas Miracle comes to mind.
    And, when Rick Chiarelli speaks on the radio, I can tell he really knows what’s going on and that he’s on top of things. I’m happy to have someone like that as my councillor and I will definitely be voting for him again, and again.
    I totally agree with the endorsement.

  4. I believe that Rick Chiarelli is the only viable option for College Ward. As this piece alludes to, having a Council that will often side with Watson won’t solve the big issues facing the city. Council needs to have policies pushed to the middle in order to come to pragmatic solutions to these problems. Besides, Councillor Chiarelli has done wonders for the community through key initiatives that have helped revitalize the Ward. If we want to continue this trend, Chiarelli’s experience and approach to city politics is the only way forward.

  5. Rick honestly has proven himself worthy by the numerous things he has done in the past few years, some known and others unknown. I really want him to win not only because of his work etiquette but also because he hears the people and works for them. He is not the type to turn a deaf ear to the peoples needs thats why i think he is better off and he has the experience. This position just shouts rick Chiarelli over and over again all we have to do is listen.

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