Want women involved in elections, Put a Ring On It

Ottawa does want women in municipal election, here’s Beyonce proof.

So despite Mayor Jim Watson’s protestations to the contrary, turns out the city of Ottawa does want to encourage women to participate in this year’s municipal election. Just not how you might have hoped. The city isn’t actually encouraging women to run for office, instead seems Ottawa is spending our tax dollars to encourage women to get their Beyonce on, slip into a Danskin and head to the elections office singing Put a Ring on It.

Can’t make this stuff up folks. And wouldn’t if I could. This is apparently how the city feels about women.

On Sunday, the city’s elections office under the Elections Ottawa twitter handle @ottawavote sent out a couple of incredibly demeaning and inappropriate tweets referencing Beyonce in her skin-tight bodysuit where she belts out Put a Ring On It to call on women to work this election.

Apparently keeping women behind the scenes is far more important than getting women to run for office.
Unbelievable? Absolutely. But true. The tweets were deleted before many got a chance to read them, but sadly the damage has been done. On the City, From the Burbs received emails showing screen shots of the tweets and immediately phoned
Gloucester-Southgate Coun. Diane Deans, a strong feminist, for her reaction.

But the tweets are so incredibly crazy, so absolutely offensive to women, Deans dismissed them outright, saying she simply didn’t believe they were legitimate. It wasn’t until this blog received an email from Tyler Cox, the city’s manager of legislative services, that Deans was convinced of the tweets’ validity.

“The City of Ottawa’s Twitter Elections account, @ottawavote, posted a Tweet during the course of the weekend that did not reflect its mandate and values.
“City representatives have since made the decision to remove the Tweet, and would like to offer their apologies to those who may have found it inappropriate,” Cox’s email read.
Frankly, hate apologies like this that really aren’t an apology at all. Surely, everyone found the tweets inappropriate. Suggesting the city offer an apology IF we found them inappropriate is offensive as well.
And Cox, who’s in charge of Elections Ottawa, should know that. Doesn’t he find the tweets inappropriate?

Convinced the tweets were legitimate, Deans could still barely respond.
“I don’t understand what possible reason there could be for the elections office to tweet something like that. I’m dumbfounded, it’s mind boggling to me, it’s so inappropriate.” Deans said, struggling for her words.
(And if you know Deans, that doesn’t happen often!)
“I’m honestly, I’m so dumbfounded I don’t even know what to say, it’s so wildly offensive and I don’t understand its relevance to the election. Of course it’s offensive, it’s completely inappropriate and I think we need a greater explanation how this happened and if (the tweeters) are still in the employment of the city,” Deans said, adding that it seems abundantly clear her call for a gender lens at the city is absolutely needed.

“To encourage women to work for the Elections Office with dancing Barbies, that is just mind boggling and to say if anyone was offended, I’m sorry, you have to go farther than that, have to say we will ensure something like this never happens again,” she said.

Aside from the tweet with a picture of Beyonce in her Put a Ring On It outfit, another tweet changes up the words of Put a Ring On It.

All the Women’s Show ladies.
All the Women’s Show ladies.
All the Women’s Show ladies.
All the Women’s Show ladies.
Now put your hands up.
Visit the Elections Office staff at the National Women’s Show Shaw Centre #werk #ottcity

Unclear here whether they’re referencing the election polls or those used by strippers.
And no word on whether the tweeter(s) doesn’t know how to spell work or perhaps it’s a play on the word twerk, which is equally as likely.

The city needs to explain this mess. And it needs to do better. Much better.



  1. It is obvious that the tweets in question were written by individuals with zero planning ability, and no experience whatsoever in terms of politics at any level let alone the municipal level. Clearly, the tweet-ers in question are likely not old enough to have fully formed frontal cortex, and therefore should not be liable for the inane & inappropriate tweets due to age, and neurological lack of development with respect to frontal cortex.

    Kids will be kids is still applicable IMHO.

    What is disturbing is that these immature tweet-ers seem to erroneously believe that women are only valued for their ability to be objectified sexually as an object of a man’s desire for sexual gratification via physical demonstrations of dancing, twerking, and sexualized fecundity.

    I wonder how these same tweet-ers in question would portray Hazel McCallium if they were tasked to promote her for political helm at a municipal level? What catchy meme would they opt for in that case? Moreover, are these tweet-ers in question even aware of Feminist Theory from a tertiary level of understanding, or are they fresh out of high school with no formal education whatsoever in anything other than Physical Education & high school Home Economics courses?

    Millennial kids are mindless tabula rasa that are better off putting a sock in it IMHO.


  2. I think in part why more women are not running is because of Deans and company dream of a women bureau and the budget has to be pro women many comments I have seen by women on social media are really upset at that notion.

    Many have sons/husbands/brothers and right or wrong they see this as a direct attack on them then you have others saying it makes them feel weak we can’t do anything on our own.

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