Going In Circles

And around and around and around it goes. And where the tax dollars land, no one knows.

This latest debacle is a questionable new roundabout in Barrhaven at Golflinks on Longfields which isn’t working for some vehicles any bigger than standard car! And that has Gloucester-South Nepean Coun. Carol Anne Meehan scratching her head.

As it turned out, I had just driven through the narrow roundabout when I read Meehan’s newsletter complaining about the project.

“The work began last fall and has dragged on because of winter and then the pandemic. Residents in the area have had to deal with a lot of noise, dust and vibration. This week I got an email that pointed out that the roundabout lanes looked too narrow to accommodate large vehicles. Crews just installed the curbs this week and already motorists are hitting them… the scrapes are an obvious sign. I immediately contacted a public works supervisor to have him take a look and Thursday morning we had a plough navigate the roundabout. No one at the site, the City Manager, Robinson Consulting who designed it, or Cavanagh, the builder, will admit there’s a problem with the roundabout even though they’ve marked where the curbs have to be removed and the lane widened.”

“They insist it will work well once all layers of asphalt are laid. Trucks they say will then be able to drive over the curbs, as they do in other roundabouts. All that may be true, but what bothers me is that it’s obvious we design critical infrastructure without conferring with other departments. Public works, responsible for dispatching ploughs, can’t ever remember being asked to give its input on the width necessary to clear roundabout lanes,” Meehan wrote in her newsletter.

According to Meehan, the issue is even bigger than a too-narrow roundabout. 

The single lane roundabout will be rebuilt in about nine years, maybe sooner. Yes, that’s right. 

“A larger roundabout is needed because of new growth, but because the city doesn’t have the money now for a two lane roundabout a single lane one is being installed. It means residents will have to endure the noise and mess of the roundabout being ripped up and two lanes being constructed, even closer to their homes.”

Does that really make sense to anyone?

“Makes me want to pull out my hair,” Meehan said.

Here’s what the city came up with for a response, via the city’s media relations office.

“The City is aware of the concerns at the roundabout at Longfields and Golflinks Drive and is investigating. The project is under construction and we are currently reviewing the design, the construction layout, and the temporary construction staging. Once the review is completed, we will be able to determine if any adjustments are required and if there are any anticipated costs associated to them.”

Oh, okay, lucky, I wasn’t actually counting on anything that might have explained how this could have happened.


  1. This blatant waste of tax dollars simply boggles the mind and seen across our fair city. The blind leading the blind!
    I often wonder how ineptness remains employed.

  2. We don’t have the money to do this. Stop making more circles. 4 way stops have always worked well and would continue working well. I find that during busy times there is a rush to get into the circle and the car behind that one and the car behind that one, because it stops anyone else from entering. No one is taking turns. It is a race that puts an car wanting to enter, at risk.
    When you don’t have the money – don’t keep spending, unless there is a need.

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