At Thursday’s epic – and especially awful – transit commission meeting, the public saw the worst of the worst – certainly an event worthy of a few awards from On the City, From the Burbs. The first group of awards were announced earlier this week, here’s a handful that the blog is still handing out. 

BEST PUBLIC EVER AWARD: It can’t have been easy to sit through the mess of a five-hour transit meeting, what with Chair Allan Hubley shutting down questions on any technicality he’d been clearly told to make up, councillors muttering – and all of this headed to no real conclusion. But yet, a small handful of the dedicated public could be seen sticking the meeting out. Kudos to them.

MIC DROP AWARD: (Okay, it’s not really a mic drop, but love that phrase!) When councillors are addressing committee or council, their mics are turned on. When they’re done, their mics are turned off. But at Thursday’s meeting, Capital Coun. Shawn Menard ended his questions, and then presumed his mic was off after yet another crazy ruling by char Allan Hubley. “Pathetic,” Menard could be heard to say under his breath. Oops. Yes, councillor, pathetic is right.

BEST CITIZEN TRANSIT COMMISSIONER:  There’s no doubt Sarah Wright-Gilbert, one of the citizen transit commissioners, is making her mark. She’s dedicated, she’s committed, she’s a transit user who knows her stuff – and Watson has nothing over her. It’s perfect. Wright-Gilbert is also on social media much of the time, airing her concerns and her grievances on Twitter. All commissioners should be this committed. Of course, because she’s doing her job, and doesn’t have any vested interest save for a good transit system, Watson doesn’t seem to like her! That’s an endorsement if I ever heard one! She’s making waves, that’s for sure. As a result, she says the mayor has unfollowed her on Twitter! 


  1. It is time for the city to state that they have the wrong LRT for Ottawa’s weather. I don’t think it will ever run well. It is also time to stop the extension of the LRT system. It won’t work and there will be more of the same problems. The money spent so far would have allowed battery run buses on almost every street in the city.

  2. So incredibly embarrassing!
    So incredibly amazing to have questions and concerns so quickly dismissed!!
    Who would have thought that Ottawa would be subject to inclement weather said no one ever!! Well, except for those responsible for awarding the LRT contract to a company who twice didn’t meet the technical threshold requirements!
    $2.1 billion and it just keeps getting better … 😔

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