The Week That Was (August 24-31)

TAXIS: A crazy debate erupted on Thursday at the city’s community and protective services. In a discussion, not on the city’s publicized agenda, councillors began debating the future of the city’s taxi industry. Who knew! Seems downtown councillor Shawn Menard thought it would be a good idea to have a 15-page report on proposed changes to the industry introduced  to committee. Well, there was nothing untoward with what Menard did, but it wasn’t either an effective or smart move. Perhaps it was his newness to the system that prompted the move, but his timing was all off. Having the report introduced to committee prompted a sudden debate of the issues, without the public even being aware the debate would be taking place. And while there are several issues that should be addressed with regard to the taxi industry and Uber, in the end, the debate was shut down.

In fact, as councillors began to debate some of the issues raised in Menard’s report, he accused some of his fellow councillors of making motions on the fly for political motives. Doh! Just what did he think would happen?

Eventually, the debate – thankfully – was shut down. And please, next time, don’t exclude the public.

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter this week about bike lanes – and making our streets safer. And I repeat, I was on Wellington Street this week, and was caught off guard when I realized the car lane I was driving in appeared to have a bike lane right in the middle of it. I believe most drivers are like me, at least I hope so. We all want our streets safer for cyclists. But putting some paint on roads here and there without advising us what they mean is meaningless, a waste of money – and not at all furthering your cause. (I was later told on Twitter the middle of the lane for cyclists was meant to guard against dooring.) But I was so nervous about what to do or not to do, I got off Wellington as soon as I could.) So please council, don’t treat drivers as the enemy. Most of us know we need to work together and want to, so please, include us in your planning.

I LOVE Rabbi Bulka: Be sure to check out my blog on how Rabbi Reuven Bulka is going to have a park named in his honour, a Kindness Park. If you check out my Facebook page, you’ll see I’m not alone in my adoration of this very inspirational religious and civic leader.

CITY PRIDE: On Sunday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson took part in his first Pride Parade as an openly gay man. Have to admit, his coming out story left me both in tears of sadness and sheer joy at the prospect of his happiness. I’m so sad he denied himself the chance for love for so long, but incredibly happy he has finally opened himself up to the opportunity. As I said to former councillor Mark Taylor when I ran into him in Barrhaven, it’s my hope Watson’s actually has already found love. As a longtime journalist, I simply never felt a discussion of his sexuality was any of my business or of concern to the public. However, during a campaign speech during a previous mayoral election, one of my Sun colleagues told me she was at a public event where Watson said he wanted to be Ottawa’s next gay mayor. Given that information, I contacted Watson to discuss what I thought at the time was his official coming out. Turns out my colleague had misheard Watson, who was delivering an old joke he often uses. Watson jokes that he doesn’t want to be Ottawa’s next nightmare, but the city’s next day mayor!

Now you know.

SPONSORSHIP SIZZLES: Have to wonder how many times over the years this headline could have announced countless city hall stories. City staff, when trying to balance budgets, often puts in unrealistic budget numbers for potential sponsorship deals it claims it can realize. Most recently, according the Postmedia’s Jon Willing, the city is forking over $500,00 to create free wireless internet access at City of Ottawa facilities “fizzle.”

CHATEAU GLORY: Though Heritage Ottawa hasn’t reached its fundraising goal of $150k to fight changes to the historic Chateau Laurier, the group is going ahead with its legal battle to fight the city’s approval of the hideous and unsightly addition to the beautiful Chateau Laurier. Stay tuned.

ALL ABOARD: City hall invited a select number of media to be part of the inaugural LRT ride with politicians and staff. When I inquired why – as someone who regularly writes about city hall wasn’t included – was told space was limited, so only major media were invited. Hate the answer, of course. But it might have been more acceptable if city staff, like Danielle McGee, the mayor’s assistant, wasn’t on the trip. Not sure at all what her media qualifications are. Seems more like a perk for a Watson loyalist. Of course, city hall finds it far easier to throw money at public informational campaigns than rely on free publicity.

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