I Love Rabbi Bulka

Confession time.

I’m crazy about Rabbi Reuven Bulka.

And Bulka, one of the city’s most lovely men and such an inspirational religious leader in Ottawa for people of all faiths – appears headed to have a park named in his honour.

The only surprise is why it hasn’t happened earlier!

At Thursday’s community and protective services meeting, members agreed without debate to rename Featherston Park Rabbi Bulka Kindness Park. It still needs city council approval.

Simply can’t think of a more appropriate name for a park honouring Rabbi Bulka.

The kindness reference is in honour of Bulka’s campaign to encourage people to do acts of kindness, to encourage kindness. He in fact is the man behind Kindness Week.

Being kind seems simple enough doesn’t it? But somehow there are days when that choice is a little more difficult than others. Spend any time on Twitter, and you won’t find a lot of kindness, that’s for sure. People are busy, they’re working hard and rushing from here to there. Rabbi Bulka, in his own big way, campaigned to remind us a little kindness goes a long way.

This isn’t the first time the city has honoured him. In 2010, he was awarded the Key to the City of Ottawa. Among his other many honours, he was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2013.

I can’t profess to know him well, but I can certainly attest to the fact that anytime I’ve been lucky enough to hear him talk, I am moved to try to be better, to be a kinder person and to be aware there are some around me who need that singular act of kindness.

Several other citizens are also being honoured, pending council’s approval.

Notably, it’s also being proposed longtime school board trustee Kathy Ablett have the Seniors Room in the Hunt Club Riverside Park Community Centre named the Kathy Ablett Room. Ablett, who has since passed away, spent almost 30 years as a trustee on the Ottawa Catholic School Board. And there are plans in the works for Les Lye, a well-known local entertainer, to have a theatre at Meridian Centrepointe Theatre named after him.

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