Ottawa Loses One of the Good Guys

Gord McDougall’s Death Saddens Our Community

The news that longtime broadcaster Gord McDougall had passed away Thursday shocked his friends, former colleagues and many in the public who felt they knew him from years of hearing him on CFRA. The shock of course was followed by such incredible sadness.The news of his passing came through his family on Facebook. “With deep sadness we share with you that our brother, uncle, colleague, and above all else, our friend Gord Murray McDougall passed away at home yesterday.  “He loved working in radio, loved getting his second chance on CTN, loved being TV Gord and especially loved all his friends on and off Facebook. “He was a very social person and at the same time very private. “If you would like to do something to honour his memory, I know he would  be happy if you register to be an organ donor, make a blood donation or  donate to the Heart Institute.”

McDougall’s sister Leanne was a transplant recipient, and she and Gord were very close before her passing. He would frequently talk to me about her as we would often sit together covering Ottawa City Council.

“If any/all of those are not possible,  you can also honour him by searching out and watching an episode of the  Partridge Family, Brady bunch or any Norman Lear show,” the obituary continued.

He loved radio, but also loved television, and went by the monicker TV Gord because of his passion for television and his extensive knowledge of all things tv.

Gord was hilarious. always insightful, incredibly kind and just plain fun. He felt like a true friend, though we rarely saw each other outside of city hall. He always resisted my efforts to get him to Barrhaven because of Ottawa’s transit system. Can’t say I blamed him!

Howard Bloom posted this on Facebook, aptly pointing out he simply couldn’t imagine there was anyone who didn’t like Gord. Not many of us can say that. I know I sure can’t! “There will never be enough words to describe how much I like Gord, we worked together for a short time at different radio stations owned by the CHUM Radio group. That said, once I left the Team 1200 Gord always kept in touch, his infectious, wonderful, kind personality always shining. I’m willing to bet all the money in the world no one ever had a bad word to say about Gord, he was that rare person who you’re blessed to know, who makes you feel great just by knowing him. He was always happy, always caring – Gord your legacy will last forever, you set the bar for what a person should strive to be. Much love to your soul, I’ll never forget you my friend.” Lovely.

Another of those saddened by Gord’s passing was CFRA’s Rob Snow.
“Gord was like the Swiss Army Knife of the radio newsroom. “He was indispensable. “If you needed someone at the courthouse, you could send him there. If you needed something from City Hall, Gord would get the story. You could send him to crime scenes or a Teddy Bear picnic, it didn’t matter, he could do it all. He could read a newscast, do feature reporting. Everything. A total pro. “His passion was TV. He seemed to know everything about it. And he had a winning persona as TV Gord. “He loved radio and everything about it,” Snow wrote to On the City, From the Burbs

Former mayor Larry O’Brien also tweeted about his respect for Gord.
“When I was mayor he was always fair and gracious when he was interviewing me on behalf of CFRA. A good man will me missed.”

Former colleague Shelley McLean helped Gord launched TV Gord. “I can’t believe you’re gone. I’m still in shock by the news.”Together, we made TV Gord a reality and developed a following. You had many fans – it always amazed me how much people loved listening to your weather of TV knowledge as much as I did.”You were a man of mystery. Very private but you let me in. We talked. We didn’t always see eye to eye but we always had each other’s back. That’s what friendship is about,” McLean posted on social media.

According to his family, details of a celebration of life will follow.


  1. Gord (he started out as Murray) was one of our gang growing up in Gatineau. We’ve all stayed in contact; the last gathering (a bunch of us present) was in July for my retirement party. Gord stayed late and we had time to really talk (and share margaritas). A truly dear friend. We’re heartbroken. Totally heartbroken. Kinda lost.

    1. Hello Bob,

      Please read my post…from a few minutes ago. I am Sheila Tribert McDermott’s Daughter and Anne Tribert Dinan’s Niece…..from Nyack, NY. My Grandmother was Mary Catherine BERGIN Tribert. Now….coincidentally…I live in Stittsville.

      Please contact me about the details of the Celebration of Murray’s life.

      K.P. Lee McDermott-Hotte
      Cell: (613)-297-6163

  2. So sad to hear of his passing and it was a shock. He was one of those who would give you his heart if he could. I knew him since childhood (we grew up together) and have always stayed in touch and at times get-togethers with our little gang of childhood friends and tell stories of back when and laugh and laugh. He especially supported me through my cancer and remained his normal self without tip-toeing around me for which I appreciated. He had a funny sense of humour that always made me laugh. Friendships of that longevity are very hard to find yet alone keep for a lifetime and Murray was one of those keepers. I will miss him terribly but I know that his sister is with him and that brings somewhat of comfort to my heart.

  3. Hello,

    I am Gord’s (we called him “Murray”) 2nd cousin. My Grandmother (Mary Catherine Bergin Tribert), and Gord’s Grandfather were siblings. My Grandmother was the youngest child and only girl in the family.

    Although my Grandmother immigrated to the USA in her mid-20’s (late 1920’s), to work as a Registered Nurse 1-hour north of New York City, my Mother (Sheila Tribert McDermott) and her 2 siblings, Anne Tribert Dinan and Billy Tribert….spent their childhood summers, on the Bergin home (Heritage home, now..on Jockvale Road). When my Mother, Aunt and Uncle were alive, they visited Ottawa during the Summer, throughout their lives (until 2015, when they were unable to travel any more).

    Now….my Husband, Daughter and I live in Stittsville, having relocated here from the West Toronto suburb of Oakville—-4 years ago. I heard about Murray’s death just a few nights ago, while watching the 6:00pm News, on CTV. Please pass this information along to Gord’s family…so that I can learn about the details of / attend the Memorial Service / Celebration of Gord’s life.

    K.P. “Lee” McDermott-Hotte
    Cell: (613)-297-6163

  4. I went to school with Mutray and would see him when he visited a mutual friend, Michelle Mongeon. I would listen to him on the radio and follow his career. My condolences and prayers are with his family.

  5. I just came across this post and am in shock. I remember Gord in my social studies class. He sat in front of me. He lived one street away from mine in Gatineau – Hillside. He would always give me the recap of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman or Soap after they aired. I couldn’t figure out how he could still be so alert in class as Mary Hartman Mary Hartman was on at midnight! I met him one day on the Rideau Canal while on a class trip with my daugher in the 90’s and couldn’t believe he recognized me. We had a wonderful chat and know that many will miss his beaming personality. RIP Gord!

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