Boxing Day Goodies for City Council – Part One

If you’re going to give out gifts to city councillors, even just online ones, you still want to do your shopping during those Boxing Day sales!

Let’s start the goodies off with River Coun. Riley Brockington, who was shut out of any special treats when Mayor Jim Watson handed out spots on important city committees and much-sought after committee chairs. Brockington apparently didn’t want to play Watson’s game and made that clear. So under the tree, Brockington gets some newfound respect and the hope that he continues to find the strength to publicly speak his mind.

Frankly, College Coun. Rick Chiarelli just doesn’t need anything under the tree. He’s already got a wicked sense of humour that gets under Watson’s skin, he won the support of his ward despite Watson’s best efforts to replace him. Best yet, having also been shut out of the important committees, he has lots of time this term to work on both city-wide issues and local affairs.

Not everyone thinks Kanata Coun. Allan Hubley was the perfect fit for the all-important job of chairing transit. Let’s face it. He didn’t do himself any favours by remarking he’d have to brush up on all the issues. But in the spirt of the holidays – for Hubley – we offer up a light rail system that actually opens when it’s scheduled to!

Whatever the politics behind Gloucester-Southgate Coun. Dianes Deans becoming the first female chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, she is certainly the perfect fit. It’s going to be tough going, but Deans has years of experience behind her and a good understanding of what the immediate problems are. The gift? She won’t have to butt heads with Watson at each and every turn. Who could want more?

When she was sworn in yet again to represent Barrhaven, Coun. Jan Harder said this was definitely her last term. Not the first time she’s said that. So for Harder, the will to do what is right for her and her family – or at the very least – the ability to stop talking about.

There are seven new councillors sitting around council following the recent municipal election. Seems they already have their gifts, congrats to all.

For Beacon Hill-Cyrille Coun. Tim Tierney, what he wants is something not even Santa and certainly not this blog can even pretend to give him.


  1. I smiled at your gifts and most of them where excellent. However I actually like the fact that Jan Harder says it is her last time running. I think it probably reflects that she knows how much work needs to be done and that after an election she is probably pretty tired. However when the next election comes up, she sees unfinished work that needs to be done and she wants to do it. At least that’s what I think.

  2. I know enough not to argue with you Sherry Franklin, but that doesn’t explain the number of times Jan Harder told me she was running for mayor during the Bob Chiarelli was in charge.

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