What was Tim Tierney Thinking?

So just what was Beacon Hill-Cyrville Coun. Tim Tierney thinking when he decided to phone his soon-to-be opponent Michael Schurter?
Impossible to know, incredibly difficult to understand. Painful, in fact.
It just doesn’t make sense. None at all. But in the end, Tierney will carry the cost of whatever he did or didn’t do.
Tierney was on his way to an easy and overwhelming election victory when he apparently phoned Schurter who was actually in an Ottawa elections office registering.

Schurter was not known in the ward, didn’t live there and admitted to liking Tierney and the work he was doing in the ward. Oh, and he didn’t have a platform
There was just no way he was a threat to Tierney in any way.

As an aside, even being under investigation, Tierney breezed to an easy and overwhelming victory. So again, why make the call?Just so ridiculous and inappropriate.
There’s no place that the call would have been considered acceptable.
Now of course Tierney has bee charged under the Municipal Elections Act, and while it’s not a criminal offence, he has had to hire a lawyer, faces a stiff fine if found guilty – and could be ousted out of his seat.
His life, regardless of the outcome, will never be the same.
And that’s so sad.

While nothing has been proven, it’s been suggested Tierney offered to make a donation to the Ottawa Food Bank if Schurter didn’t
Again, why?

If Tierney wasn’t opposed, there’s no doubt he would have the hit the streets of his ward during the campaign anyway. He loves the job – and he and his wife Jenny are a real team in the ward.
There are lots of briefings for newly-elected councillors. And more than eight years ago, when Tierney had a meeting with the city’s clerks department, he wanted to bring his wife – but it was suggested to him that was totally out of the ordinary. Tierney made it clear he
and his wife were a team – and she was embarking on this journey right along side of him. That’s lovely.
(And as I always do when I write about people I have a connection with, many moons ago, I partied during many summer days and nights with Jenny’s parents Sue and Rick at a trailer park on Little Rideau Lake. And believe somewhere in the mess of loose photos, there’s one with a very young Jenny sitting on my lap on one of those summer days.)

And I can’t help but wonder, given Tierney’s close relationship with former mayoral candidate Terry Kilrea, if he thinks back to the time when former mayor Larry O’Brien was faced with a very similar situation as Tierney is in now. Tierney was working on Kilrea’s campaign for mayor. Kilrea eventually withdrew from the race and threw his support to incumbent Bob Chiarelli. But after O’Brien was charged, the Ontario Provincial Police got Tierney’s computer, reading through thousands of his emails.

Wonder if he now has more sympathy for O’Brien than he did a the time? On the City, From the Burbs reached out to O’Brien for his thoughts on what Tierney is facing. The former mayor declined to comment.

There’s the high road we hear about. Not sure if Tierney knows where that road is, judging by his treatment of late of people around him who expected better. He’s shut out people who believed in him and that will hurt him down the line.

None of this makes any sense. And now, Tierney – once living the good life with a close-knit family and a constituency happy with his representation – is going to appear in provincial court.


He’s stepped down from the Ottawa Police Services Board, and isn’t making himself available to talk about the ramifications on the new Central Library now that the Lebreton redevelopment is crumbling down.

Tierney has said he’ll continue to work hard in his ward, clearly not planning on stepping aside.

It’s hard to believe he’ll be given a committee chair – that would be foolish on the part of Mayor Jim Watson – with Tierney’s political future now up in the air.

And again, you have to ask, why?

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