Watson Will Win, the Public Won’t

Making an endorsement for the mayor of Ottawa isn’t easy and is no way is satisfying.
This will be brief and not just because the polls have been open for hours.
I simply can’t endorse Mayor Jim Watson, who has shown his utter disdain for anyone who opposes him. What elected official is so thin-skinned that he blocks people who oppose him?
This isn’t a case of residents being rude.
Watson feels he shouldn’t have his sacred twitter account clogged with too many messages from residents who oppose him.
Poor baby.
You represent all of us. That’s your job. So get over it.
We all have a right to be heard – and if it takes you a few extra seconds to scroll throughout tweets, whatever.
Watson’s controls council with an iron fist, discouraging debate in favour of his ceremonial goodies package.
He loves bringing on late items to council that his duly-elected members are unaware of – and insisting there’s some sort of urgency in a vote.
And he dares to scold councillors who ask too many questions. Seriously?
He has an agenda, and is so controlling, he resents the opposition.
Despite all of that, there’s little doubt Watson will win tonight and there will be a huge victory party and plenty of accolades in his honour.
My only hope at this point is that his handpicked choices for council are rejected. That would be some comfort.
Let’s face it, his only real challenger was Clive Doucet, who appears so desperate to make his mark – he promised to bring back weekly garbage pickup in the summer months.
Guess that’s what the thirst for power does to a person.

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  1. The fact that Watson has his hand picked candidates rubs me the wrong way. Is Watson endorsing this group because he believes they will represent the ward in the best way or will they represent Jim Watson in the best way? This is very self serving for the mayor.
    Can you imagine the crap the mayor would rain down on any councilor who would have endorsed Mr. Doucet? Will Watson welcome with open arms any one who defeats one of this hand picked candidates? I think not.

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