Time to Oust Cloutier

In Alta Vista, let’s be clear.
Incumbent Jean Cloutier does not deserve re-election.
He hasn’t been effective either at the ward level – and is almost invisible at council.
Small wonder that so many strong candidates are working hard to oust him from his seat.
But that’s the problem isn’t it?

There are six candidates running, five of whom want Cloutier’s job.

And four of them are worthy of your consideration.
I’m dismissing Mike McHarg, whose opening address dealt with obesity and soda pop. Sure that’s an admirable cause, but it’s not a burning issue locally and surely won’t entice voters to his team.

That still leaves Clinton Cowan, Kevin Kit, Raylene Lang-Dion and John Redins.

You’ve heard of the Little effect? People were desperately unhappy with Shawn Little’s performance and many contenders jumped into the election, so many people that Little – the man no one wanted won.
And that is my fear in Alta Vista. Certainly there aren’t as many people taking Cloutier on, but those in the race are strong.
I have a lot of time for John Redins, he’s worked in the trenches for years. He’s not as slick as the other three, but he knows the ward. Good on him.

As an aside, it was a bit rich to see Cloutier challenging his fellow candidates to be more transparent with campaign donations. Really? A little late to take the high road.
Enough said there.

Ultimately, one candidate emerged as the clear winner – Raylene Lang-Dion – a strong voice during the debate with a detailed platform to back her talk up.

Certainly Cowan was also impressive.

But a choice has to be made, and mine is Dion.

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