Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet

Over the years, Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley and I have had our differences.
Most notably, I’ve often disagreed with some of his spending habits, billing taxpayers for items that in my mind he has no business charging the taxpayers for. He picked up a lunch tab for a group of volunteers that included former prime minister Stephen Harper. As I understand it, Harper was more upset than I was to have his name appear on a city of Ottawa expense claim. I could go on, but in this case, perhaps no reason to. With Hubley, a capital C Conservative, I’ve been incredibly disappointed with his spending habits.
So I was looking forward to seeing what his opponents had to offer.

He’s being challenged by candidates Steve Anderson and Mike Brown.
Anderson dissed fiscal conservatism, calling on increased spending. And Brown, while certainly a little more impressive, didn’t offer up any reason to vote against Hubley.
This one was simple, re-elect Hubley.

The same argument can be made in West Carleton-March, where incumbent Eli El-Chantiry rules that roost. He needs to get off of the Ottawa Police Services Board, he’s doing himself more harm than good. He’s not effective and is seen as being too soft on the organization.
He’s being challenged by James Parsons and Judi Varga-Toth – both of whom lost me in the first few minutes of the debate.
If you’re going to take on an incumbent, you have to prove you’re better than the person sitting in the chair.
Varga-Toth said she would only be favouring issues that benefit West Carleton-March. So much for being a city councillor.
And Parsons favours weekly garbage pick-up. Hope he’s okay when the city starts scouting for a new landfiill his ward.
So it’s El-Chantiry for the win, but that’s not a resounding endorsement.

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  1. Sorry Sue. I have to disagree with your endorsement of Hubley. He promised to be a two-term councillor and has reneged on that.
    Kanata South has sacrificed everything for Hubley’s support of everything Watson.
    We got a traffic circle and massive development but little to nothing else for all of our hard earned tax dollars.
    For 8 years I have asked that Equestrian Drive be looked at .. in bad need of being regraded and paved .. a turning light at Katimavik and Castlefrank but was told there weren’t enough accidents to warrant one even though there is a school and legion … we got nothing.
    There is just so much wrong in Kanata South!
    We have a dinky community centre, poor infrastructure and massive traffic jams.
    Unfortunately Hubley has developed a level of arrogance that is disappointing to say the least.
    A fresh approach to all things negative is needed.

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