Gower for the Win

When you make an endorsement, you have to feel completely confident in your choice.
Sure, there’s a fair bit of subjectivity to that. But to say that an incumbent’s time is up, you can’t do that lightly.

In my mind, Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri is one of the nicest councillors around the council table. He’s always willing to chat, makes times for my questions – and is available most every time I reach out to him.

Sadly for him, Qadri hasn’t been a strong enough voice in his own community and longtime volunteer Glen Gower has launched an incredibly effective campaign to oust him. If you follow Twitter, the response to Gower’s campaign has ben overwhelmingly positive.
Frankly, that’s understandable.

Qadri hasn’t been a leader around council. Never was. Ironically, I found him stronger in the Rogers debate than I’ve witnessed him around the council table in years. But Gower came armed with the facts and a strong presence.

“We need a stronger voice for the residents of Stittsville. People have lost trust in the city and we need to rebuild that,” Gower said in a solid opening statement.

Qadri comes across as too cautious at times. Speaking of changes in policing in Stittsville, which hasn’t made (everyone) happy (what does?). He takes a steady as she goes attitude, instead of Gower’s sense of urgency for change.

“We may be lagging a bit with our new model. Let’s see how it works out, it’s only been six months, maybe a year,” Qadri said.
Just can’t believe this will come close to satisfying his residents who appear to be looking for a more forceful councillor to represent them.

When the public starts looking for someone new, nice won’t cut it.

Gower summed it up pretty well in his closing address, saying the two had known each other for years.

“But I’m still not clear on your vision,” Gower said to his opponent.

He’s not alone.
The nod goes to Gower.

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