Can Qaqish, City Hall’s Selfie King, Keep his Seat?

There’s a fascinating race going on in Gloucester-South Nepean, where the poor performance of incumbent Michael Qaqish has brought out several strong candidates who’d like to oust him after his disappointing first term.

For the record, I ran against Qaqish in the 2014 election. He won, I lost. So I wouldn’t be surprised if one sees this just as a case of sour grapes. That’s your right of course. We’re all entitled to our opinions. This blog is my opinion.

Qaqish is one of several yes-men for Mayor Jim Watson.
But that’s not the most egregious thing about him.

He’s treated our money as if it’s his own, instead of treating our tax dollars with respect. Much has been said about him spending more than $90,000 on vanity ads, including his humungous photo posted on bus shelters. His explanation? He’s new to the ward and needed people to know who he was.

Give your head a shake. It’s not our job to help him become better-known.
Called out on the outrageous spending during a Rogers all-candidate debate, Qaqish had the gall to again defend the expenditure.
Described by many tweeters as the selfie king of city hall, his campaign was given a real shake-up with the entry of former CTV anchor Carol Anne Meehan.

Meehan is living the life many of us are out in the ‘burbs, raising a family, traveling our increasingly clogged local roads where transit isn’t great and bike lanes don’t meet up.
She worries about her taxes, and more importantly, she’ll worry about yours.

Aside from Qaqish and Meehan there are three other candidates in the race. Irene Mei appears to be a thoughtful and sincere candidate, but don’t think this is her time. Zaff Ansari was solid in the debate, but like so many other newbies, speaks out of both sides of his mouth in terms of worrying abut high taxes and adding services. Harpreet Singh was impressive in the debates as well.
With five candidates running, there’s a real concern the incumbent comes up the middle to win in a vote split.
For my money, Meehan is not just the best situated to beat Qaqish, she’s also the best candidate


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the time you took to share your 2014 experience with me. I would to ask your readers to give a serious look at Harpreet Singh. He is not just one of 5 or one of the other 3. He’s a serious candidate with a solid platform, fully costed ideas, an impressive ability to engage with young and old alike, and has made this into a race to watch. He is the one to watch in Ward 22.

  2. Once again, it’s the media bias that Singh’s excellent op-ed in Citizen talked about a couple of days ago. I have noticed that all Meehan fans have been able to do against Singh is, to ignore him. There’s this incredibly intelligent, well-spoken and true leadership candidate in Singh and you found a whole one sentence to describe him? Sorry, but your bias is not only reeking, but I won’t bother coming to your blog anymore.

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