Another Term for Egli

Let’s face it. There appears to be little chance Knoxdale-Merivale Coun. Keith Egli is going to be ousted tomorrow,
There are four other white men trying to take his job: Warren Arshinoff, James Dean, Luigi Mangone and Peter Anthony Weber.
Just can’t see it happening.
Aside from Weber, who seemed only intent on rudely interrupting and constantly speaking over Egli – the other three have something solid to offer. But this isn’t their time. At one point, Weber interrupted Egli asking, “Are you nuts?” How eloquent.
At another point, when Weber interrupted Egli, the incumbent asked if he could continue. Weber said no. Not classy, not vote-worthy.

Of the challengers, Arshinoff was the strongest. Loved his homage to Nepean, a green t-shirt with the Nepean bell, but if this was his job interview, he might not have made it through the front door. He has some solid ideas which deserve consideration.

I’ve admired Dean for some time. He’s committed to serving his community, but yet – he still does’t come across as a solid challenger. But who knew our Nepean schooling history was exactly the same, St. Gregory’s, Frank Ryan, then Merivale High School!

Mangone showed some promise, but he will have to stay involved in the community if he wants to represent the ward one day.

I was surprised to hear Egli boast about moving a motion to lower the amount of snowfall needed for when city snow plows go out.
That’s smoke and mirrors. It was his report which initially proposed lowering the standards. There was a loud hue and cry when the report was released – and Egli had to backtrack.

A bit shocked Elgi is getting heat for not spending all of his office budget. All taxpayers across the city should be thanking him for respecting our money. And he has a right to be proud of his efforts.

Still, Egli has been a solid player on council this term and deserves to be re-elected.

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