Calling all Kanata North Voters

For political observers, it’s a fascinating race of five in Kanata North where incumbent Marianne Wilkinson is stepping aside.
And in her exit, she’s endorsed candidate Jenna Sudds. Certainly, if I’d devoted as much time as Wilkinson has to her community, I’d want to leave my constituents in good hands as well, with someone I could trust.

At a televised Rogers debate, only four of the candidates made an appearance: David Gourlay, Matt Muirhead, Lorne Neufeldt and Sudds.

While not as well known as the others, Neufeldt revealed himself to be a solid candidate with a great sense of humour. And he was thoughtful with his ideas on public transit.
“You don’t want me on the road, you don’t want a blind man driving,” he said.

While Sudds is Wikinson’s pick, Mayor Jim Watson favour’s Gourlay.
While he comes with some credentials, being Watson’s pick sends off some very loud alarm bells for me. Gourlay is married to Danielle McGee, who works in Watson’s office. As an aside, it was also disappointing to see him announce his candidacy before Wikinson officially announced her retirement. Not classy.
Frankly, while Gourlay presents okay – just don’t expect him to take Watson on for any issue of importance,

Sudds is a community volunteer, though she doesn’t live in the ward. Both Muirhead and Gourlay have tried to make some hay with that, personally don’t see it as a huge issue. You might feel differently. Of more concern, it was disconcerting to see how quickly Sudds dismissed Muirhead’s idea to cut councillors’ office expenses. It’s a good idea and worth some consideration. Being open to areas of cost-saving should be front and centre.

While Sudds is Wilkinson’s pick, Gourlay is Watson’s man – I’m a huge fan of Matt Muirhead – have been for years.

And if you care abut Kanata North and want someone to be a strong representative for your community, who knows the community and someone who will treat your tax dollars with respect, Muirhead is your man.
He waited patiently in the wings when Wikinson said the 2010 election would be her last. Then she denied saying that, backtracked and admitted she had – but would still be running. Muirhead was already working on his campaign and took her on. He came in a solid second.

Since that time, he’s continued to devote his time in the community – and clearly cares about the ward he lives in. From where I write, Muirhead is the candidate deserving of your support.

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  1. Sue, I agree, Matt is devoted to the concerns of the residents of Kanata North.
    He will be a solid contributor around the council table!
    All the best Matt!

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