And Never the Twain Shall Meet

I liked this following e-mail so much I asked the sender if I could share it on my blog.
He agreed.
Mr. Gray, who asked I not use his first name but only his first initial, was referencing one of my previous blogs where I endorse Jeff Leiper in Kitchissippi and also suggest he’s mayoral material.

Not only is the note well-written, thoughtful and thought-provoking – it sadly reveals the divisions that still exist in this city so many years after amalgamation.
As a Barrhavenite myself, Mr. Gray could well be right. I can’t speak for the entire Barrhaven community, but believe – yes – most of us here in Barrhaven do expect our roads to be cleared before downtown bike lanes.

Here’s the note.

Hi Sue

Been following your blog to see your picks.

Jeff Leiper is my councillor and I agree he is a easy pick for re-election.

Unfortunately he will never be mayor because he will not take money from developers even through the backdoor like some councillors are doing. His fundraising form asks if you are a developer or work for a developer. Without that cash you could never run a campaign big enough to win. To bad but that is the reality.

Secondly he is a biker and in this city he would have a better chance if he was a Hells Angels member. I don’t own a bicycle and drive a car but I want to give people who want to bike the ability to do it safely and that makes me a lefty in many peoples eyes.

The first major snowstorm every year people lose their mind if the bike lanes on Laurier are plowed before their street in Barhaven. Those people will never vote for Mr. Leiper.

Then Mr. Leiper buses it out to Barrhaven to go to one of Ms. Harder’s townhalls. It was the talk of Westboro because we hoped than Jan Harder may come to one of Jeff’s ward meetings. As chair of the planning committee it would be nice if Ms. Harder could hear directly from people of this ward about the effects of uncontrolled development and infill. It was not to be.

I hope the next council can bridge the gap between the core wards and the ones outside the Greenbelt. There are a lot of common problems but I believe the mayor cultivates the animosity between the two because the numbers work for them.

I really hope that Carol Anne wins because I see her as someone who can bring the two sides together, she is a great communicator, a free thinker and has a city-wide appeal.

The facts are that this city is facing greater and greater challenges and we need the best and brightest working for us and not just settle for the guy who already has the job.

One other thing. Since I retired I have been able to follow city hall more. One of the things that blow me away is the people that work on the community associations. I am amazed at the time that they put in and the knowledge that they have. Many probably know more about the ward then their councillor and they do it all for free.

Best Wishes
T. Gray


  1. Very interesting analysis. Except that Mr. Grey doesn’t seem to have watched or heard debates from ward 22. Meehan is an embarrassment and Qaqish is a dud. They both have been able to show that they don’t have the ability to have a civilized conversation, which doesn’t show me much promise for the city council. I am impressed with Singh, who seems educated, eloquent and energetic with a lot of details on his ideas. To me, he was the clear winner of both Rogers and CBC debates.

  2. I like Meehan but she called the candidate of Indian ethnicity Jagmeet. I like her, I really do but that was the most awful thing to me of the election, from someone I really think highly of. There are a lot of candidates across Ottawa that are pushing the youth trend & October 22nd will be interesting.

  3. >someone who can bring the two sides together, she is a great communicator, a free thinker and has a city-wide appeal.

    Turns out she’s not so good at communicating. Ok, maybe with a teleprompter.

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