Boxing Week Goodies

If you’re going to add city councillors to your Christmas list, you definitely want to shop during the Boxing Week sales. So with all due respect to the big man in red, On the City, From the Burbs is handing out personalized gifts to some of our civic leaders a few days after the holidays.

College Coun. Rick Chiarelli really doesn’t need a thing this year. Why would he? Despite protestations to the contrary from Mayor Jim Watson, Chiarelli has and still is playing a leading role on council. He’s managed to help create and play a leading role on an unofficial opposition on city council, has gotten under Mayor Jim Watson’s skin several times (not hard to do) and is perhaps the most astute and funniest councillor in the game. So Watson doesn’t like him? That’s just another stocking stuffer!

For some reason that is incomprehensible for me to understand, River Coun. Riley Brockington has gotten it into his head I’m thinking of running against him in the next election! It makes me laugh every time I hear about his paranoia and I’ve heard it from people across the city! That’s how unfounded rumours run in Ottawa. Not a grain of truth, but the rumour keeps getting repeated! Now certainly, Brockington’s time over River ward should be contested. He’s let his residents down time and again. But why he would feel threatened from me, a woman who has lived in and loved Nepean almost her entire life, but ran and came in third, is beyond me! So a tiny gift to an undeserving Brockington: I have no intention of running in River ward. Others are, I’m not!

For Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais, a dose of honesty. And that present couldn’t be found at a discount. His incredibly weak and totally unbelievable explanation of why he was breaking his word and running again after two terms when he said he wouldn’t was just laughable. Let’s face it. No other opportunities have shown themselves and he couldn’t possibly find another job that gives him the same perks and salary he now receives. The truth can hurt, even at Christmas.

On the other hand, Bay Coun. Mark Taylor is keeping his word, a rare commodity at council. His future is unknown, having served two terms and promised not to run a third in a row. That is deserving of something special. Rumours abound about his political future and the opportunities out there. Will Bob Chiarelli run again? Will Mayor Jim Watson change his mind about another term? Rumours are fun. Gifts are more sincere. For Taylor, a solid opportunity to continue to serve the city.

Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum defeated Peter Clark to sit around the council table and expectations were high. I’m no fan of talking at council just for talking’s sake. But Nussbaum has more to offer than he’s giving up. For him, a stronger voice heard around council. And a eukulele of course!

There are so many things that could be given to Mayor Jim Watson this holiday season, good health for example. The mayor is now recovering from appendicitis, gets bad colds frequently and tolerable colds even more. And of course, there was his broken pelvis. But the perfect gift? That’s tougher. For Watson, a better understanding that democracy works best when all voices are both heard and considered. And sorry, this gift has a no-return policy.

For Barrhaven Coun. Jan Harder, the gift is obvious. Harder gets more time with her family, including husband Larry and all those adorable grandchildren.

And Osgoode Coun. George Darouze is just as easy to gift — nothing less than his own golf cart. Who doesn’t want a golf cart after a night of partying!

With nasty rumours swirling around him, Innes Coun. Jody Mitic recently came forward to talk about an addiction problem. Good for him. That can’t have been easy. Mitic insists he’ll run again. That might not be the best answer for him or his residents. For Mitic, the strength to deal with his issues and the time to recover. If that means bowing out of the next election, so be it.




  1. For many of them a good idea would be to only post on Twitter information that is crucial and not just what they had to eat recently, what CD they just bought etc.

    For all of them 2 terms means 2 terms…none of this ‘there is unfinished business that I need to wrap up’ or ‘voters begged me at the door to run again to complete the tasks at hand’ nonsense. Eight years at the public trough is enough for most and if they can’t get the work they set out to do in that time then they are not doing it efficiently.

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